Sunday Scripture Spotlight: Kristen Duke

Welcome to our Sunday Scripture Spotlight! Each week an exemplary woman shares a scripture that holds special meaning to her and helps her fulfill her purpose with power! These women inspire us, and we hope their words will inspire you. 

Today we are spotlighting Kristen from Capturing Joy. Make sure to check out her website here! She is so talented and creative and we love her focus of finding joy in life. Thanks for being with us today, Kristen! 

One of my most favorite scriptures is found in the Book of Mormon, it’s Helaman 5:12. I love it so much, that last year, our family worked on memorizing it as part of memorizing a scripture a month. I created this to help us in the process, I love the visuals, as an aid to remember. You can download that free print on my site here: Memorize scriptures.  It talks about the importance of building our foundation upon the Savior, a rock. That with all of the crazy in the world that will surely beat upon us, if we are built upon that rock, having a strong testimony, we will prevail. Life is hard, there will be many challenges to test us, but with our faith built upon the Savior, we can be stronger. That’s the one scripture that ALL of my kids now have memorized, and people are always very impressed when my 7 year old daughter spouts it off, and she now knows it, and loves to recite it, too! I’m grateful for my family, the Savior, the gospel, and the knowledge I have of WHERE to build my foundation.

kristen duke


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