Spring Bucket List

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Is it sunny and beautiful and colorful where you are yet? The three of us may be scattered around the country, but we’re loving our┬áSPRING season so far. With each new season, it’s fun to plan a few special things to look forward to with your family. After you’ve made your bucket list, you could even print it and post it somewhere in your house.

Here are 5 things from each of our families’ lists this season:


1. Enjoy a picnic at the park.

2. Play baseball as a family.

3. Make a bug terrarium.

4. Deliver flowers to cheer up a friend.

5. Go to the Farmer’s Market.


1. Spend the day at the water park.

2. Go camping.

3. Make bird houses.

4. Go on a picnic in the park.

5. Go to a baseball game.


1. Go on a hike.

2. Have a BBQ

3. Go to the sand dunes for a bonfire.

4. Plant tomato seeds.

5. Feed the ducks at the park.daffodils

chalk“Plan to share with your family the miracle of buds changing to fragrant blossoms. Take time to sit on a hillside and feel the tranquility of the even when the sun casts its last golden glow over the horizon. Take time to smell the roses.” –M. Russell Ballard

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