Special Delivery From the North Pole


North Pole Package Title

The holidays are so much fun with kids! The last couple of Christmases I have been so excited about this tradition. My friend Toni from Design Dazzle introduced me to it. Basically, you prepare a package from Santa Clause to deliver to your children at the beginning of the month. This can contain their Christmas PJs, a new Christmas movie and treats to enjoy together, or in our family–each child’s new Christmas ornament. It is so much fun!

We include a letter from Santa reminding them to be good, package up their ornaments with goodies, and have a neighbor deliver it to our doorstep. Toni even has cute printable labels on her blog to make the package really look festive!

North Pole Package 2

This year I created all the packaging for the treats from a My Mind’s Eye paper line. I love how it all coordinates–it makes it really feel special. I also thought it would be fun to make all the treats seem unique from Santa’s Workshop. I made these cookies and called them “Mrs. Claus’s Famous Hot Cocoa Cookies,” I dipped pretzel rods in white chocolate and crushed candy cane and called them “North Poles,” and bought a festive trail mix from Target and called it “Rudolph’s Energy Trail Mix.”

North Pole Package 4

I also packaged up my little ones’ ornaments in a simple drawstring bag with their name on it, just to add another special touch.

The letter inside explained the treats, and also mentioned that the ornaments were special picks from Mom and Dad, chosen from Santa’s workshop. Toni explains that Santa shouldn’t get all the credit! In our house, our kids have been taught that we have an in with Santa.

North Pole Package 3

North Pole Package 5

Finally, when everything was packaged up and ready to go, I put the package in the freezer for a few hours before delivery. The kids remembered from last year how the package from the North Pole is extra cold. I seriously LOVE this tradition. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks! The great thing is you can go as big or small as you want with this! Kids will just love the idea that Santa is already thinking about them this year.

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