Make it With Mom: Turkey Gratitude Journals

Turkey Notebooks Title

Gratitude changes everything! The more ways we can remember to be grateful, the better. In our family, we’ve been talking about our blessings with a few different activities, and it touches my mama heart on the DAILY to hear what my little guys come up with.

These Turkey Journals are just one more way to add a little of that “grateful spirit” to the season. They were simple enough for my 5-year old to make on his own, and for my 3-yr old to make with a little help. Use them to help your kiddos record something they’re grateful for each day, or put them on the kids’ Thanksgiving table as a little decor or favor this year! They will love them. My son and I have been using his to write notes back and forth. He is just learning to write, and it is the sweetest!

Turkey Notebooks

What you’ll need:

-Mini memo notebook (you can find these at most office supply stores. I bought mine off Amazon.)

-Brown construction paper. And bits of white and yellow/orange for the face.

-Various colored ribbons for the feathers.

-Glue stick and scissors

turkey notebooks 3

Depending on the age of your children, you can prepare as much or as little of this craft ahead of time. For my kiddos (5 and 3), I pre-cut the ribbons (1 for each spiral on the notebook) about 4 inches long. I also cut the brown paper to cover the notebook (just trace the cover for the correct size), and the little face of the turkey–his eyes and beak out of construction paper. All that was left for my little ones to do was glue it together, and tie the ribbon around each spiral of the notebook. The tying was great practice for my older son. My younger guy helped me pull one end of the ribbon after I crossed it to make a knot.

Turkey Notebooks 4

Hope you love these! Whatever you decide to use your notebooks for, the part kids love most is making them together.

Turkey Notebooks 2



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