Halloween Photo Garland

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Traditions are such a wonderful way to bring families together! Even though we’re still starving students, our holiday décor is minimal and mostly handmade, my little ones are sooo eager to get “dekooations” put up when the season hits. For FHE last Monday we found a kids’ Halloween station on Pandora and spent a whole 15 minutes putting up our décor. The kids LOVE this stuff, I tell ya.

halloween photo garland 4

After they went to bed I put together a little photo display of Halloween’s past. If your kids are anything like mine, Halloween costumes are LIFE. For weeks before, and weeks after Halloween, they take on the identity of their choice with a passion. See exhibit A below.


That face though! Is that a superhero who takes his job seriously, or what? Without ever even seeing a Batman show in his life! Oh, to be little. Anyway, I knew both my boys would be over-the-moon to see their costumes from past years displayed in the house all month. The morning they came down the stairs and saw them on the banister was the sweetest.

photo garland 3

This is so simple to do, and there’s no right way. I printed a Halloween photo from each year, and using tiny black clothespins, attached each one to a burlap garland I bought at the dollar section at Target. Okay, I glued them onto some Halloween scrapbook paper to jazz them up a bit too, but you don’t have to! Add the year to the bottom and you have a little timeline. It is amazing to see the photos side-by-side and see how the little ones have grown and changed. Gets me every time!

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