Give a Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday Survival Kit Title 2Christmas is just over a week away! Can you believe it? This busy, wonderful, magical, chaotic time of the year is just about over! I dream of having everything squared away by now so I can just sit back and enjoy the spirit of Christmas –the spirit of the Savior. With that in mind, I thought up this little gift idea for my friends and gal family members to enjoy during these last few days before Christmas.

Holiday Survival Kit 1Use a box, a bag or whatever cute packaging you have lying around, and make someone a little “Holiday Survival Kit.” It will make their day. Think of a few things that anyone and everyone could use right about now. Tape was definitely the first thing on my list. With all the gift wrapping, Christmas card hanging, last minute projects, I can never have enough Scotch tape handy. I also thought some gift tags would be helpful and maybe some cute ribbon or string. If you’re like me, you’re always thinking of just one more gift that needs to be prepped. Some mints, sanitizer, and tissues for all the mixing and mingling happening this time of year, and lastly some lip balm because Eos in delicious winter flavors. Enough said. That’s what I chose, but the possibilities are endless. Batteries, Ibuprofen, wipes, hair accessories, chocolate. So many things that are useful this time of year, but always seem to be disappearing or in short supply!

Holiday Survival Kit ContentsWe wish we could give each of you your very own little holiday survival kit! We wish you a peaceful last week before Christmas!


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    Such a cute idea! My visiting teachee is going through finals so I did a similar “finals survival kit” with powerbar and powerade. So fun!!

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