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General conference is this weekend! What better way to prepare to listen to the inspired words of our beloved prophet than to get to know him a little better? We’ve compiled a few fun facts about our dear prophet, Thomas S. Monson that you can use for a prophet trivia night. We’ve also included links to some favorite stories about him from the Friend magazine, and a few videos. Pick and choose from all this info what your kids will love the most, and pick up a carton of ice cream (President Monson often made homemade ice cream with his cousins as a boy), and YOU. ARE. SET.

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1. President Monson is our only church president who was baptized in a traditional baptismal font. All of our other prophets were baptized in naturally-occurring bodies of water or swimming pools.

2. Only two of our sixteen prophets served as bishops.  Those two were President Thomas S. Monson and President Howard W. Hunter.

3. President Monson was born on August 21, 1927.

4. Thomas S. Monson served as an apostle for 44 years before being sustained as President of the Church.

5. President Monson was only 36 years old when called as an apostle.

6. President Monson’s favorite yogurt flavor is lime.

7. President Monson loves to eat Wheaties for breakfast.

8. He enlisted  in the US Navy at age 17 during WWII.

9. At age 21 Thomas Monson married his childhood sweetheart Frances Beverly Johnson in the Salt Lake LDS temple.

10. During a session of general conference, he once demonstrated his hidden talent of wiggling his ears.

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Friend Articles

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Dare to Stand Alone

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Lastly, this article from the Deseret News highlights some great stuff from President Monson’s youth. It was published when he was newly called as President of the Church.

We hope you and your children have fun getting to know President Monson a little better! I like to think that if my kiddos know him as the boy who raised pigeons and camped and fished, they might tune in even more this weekend when he speaks. We love our prophet!

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