FHE Tonight: The Sacrament

Sacrament FHE 3If I’m being honest, I could really work on my focus during the sacrament. I have a testimony that this is the most important part of my week–a sacred ordinance that should be prepared for and reverenced. With little ones in tow, this can be a tad bit more difficult, but like I said, I really could make improvements. Depending on the age of your kids, your sacrament FHE lesson might vary, but some topics to consider may include:

  • Reverence during the sacrament–sitting quietly with arms folded.
  • Thinking about the Savior during this time. A special picture of the first sacrament or of the Savior may help.
  • Not worrying about picking the biggest piece of bread in the tray. (Please, tell me my kids are not the only ones…)
  • What the sacrament prayers mean.
  • The covenants we have made.
  • Repentance and the power of the Atonement. How the sacrament gives us access to this process.
  • The dress and manner of the priesthood holders.How to prepare in advance to take the sacrament.

Sacrament FHE 2For our lesson tonight, we will show a picture of the Last Supper from the Gospel Art Picture Kit and talk about the symbolism of the bread and water. Then we will show this darling video of other kids explaining their understanding of the sacrament. Have you watched many of these new Children’s Bible videos? They are so great! Such a fabulous resource and springboard for teaching littles. This is another cool video that shows a worker who makes the sacrament cups. He shares a beautiful testimony as well.

After the discussion, we will set goals and make a plan to think of the Savior and be more reverent during the

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