FHE Tonight: The Importance of Journaling

JournalingPresident Spencer W. Kimball once said, “The Savior emphasized the importance of keeping records. And one of the most valuable records is the one you keep of your own life.”

This FHE lesson is about the importance of keeping a journal. You can make it as simple or involved as you see appropriate for your individual family.

Journal Lesson 2Prepare: 

Gather an assortment of “records” that are dear to you and your family. The scriptures, baby books, scrapbooks, and personal journals are great examples.


Ask your family what all the books all have in common. What is their purpose? (to teach us, to help us remember important times and special memories, etc.)

You might want to spend a few minutes reading excerpts from journals about when your children were born, or another fun and special memory. Children LOVE hearing about themselves as babies, right? Ask your family if they are glad that we have these stories written down? Maybe one day they will like to read it to their children?


Ask children to review the story of Nephi obtaining the brass plates. Why did Heavenly Father command him to get the plates? Why were they so important? (They contained the commandments and the record of their ancestors). Heavenly Father has commanded us to keep records too. To help us remember our blessings and to preserve our stories and testimony for posterity.

There are many examples from The Book of Mormon that emphasize the importance of keeping records. Choose the ones you want to share as part of your lesson.

-1 Nephi 1:1,3

-1 Nephi 6:3-6

-Words of Mormon 1:7

-Alma 37:2-6

Alma 37:8-9

Journal Lesson 3To finish things off, you may want to gift each child a new journal for the year–something age appropriate for each one. I found a pack of these thin notebooks at the Target dollar section with blank colored pages. Perfect for my 3-year old to draw pictures, and my 5-year old to write a few simple sentences. You might want to give your family a list of ideas of things to write about.



-Fun times with family

-Relationship with grandparents, parents, siblings

-Things that make you happy

-Accomplishments or things you are proud of

-Something nice someone does for you

Thanks for reading, and for sharing goodness with your families each week. We hope these lessons help!

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