FHE Tonight! Prepare to Enter the Temple

Prepare to Enter the Temple TitleJuly’s Primary theme was all about temples. Why not use Family Home Evening to review a little of what your children learned?

This lesson (like most around here) can be pulled together in a pinch, but the message is clear and important! We cannot just sit idly by and expect to enter Heavenly Father’s house (or His kingdom, for that matter). When the opportunity to enter the temple finally comes for our children, they will have had to prepare well!

Material for this lesson:

Prepare to Enter the Temple 2You cannot leave entrance to the temple up to chance! Place your temple picture at the far side of a room. Take turns rolling the dice. When you roll doubles, take a step toward the temple. The first one to get there, wins! Explain, that while this makes a fun little game, this is no way to assure you really get to the temple. We must prepare carefully, and not just expect that when the day comes, we will be ready.

Hand out a few of the strips of paper from the handout (these are mostly items taken from the Duty to God’s ” My Gospel Standards.”) Explain that on the strips of paper are real ways to prepare today to enter the temple when the time comes. Take turns reading the standards. You may choose to take steps toward the temple again, after each one, or just sit in a circle and discuss them.

Prepare to Enter the Temple 3Heavenly Father desires all His children to enter the temple. His standards are high, but they are not meant to be too difficult, or to exclude. His house is holy, and no unclean thing can enter His kingdom. Although we are not perfect when we enter the temple, by being prepared and worthy to enter, we feel Heavenly Father’s approval and great love.

Prepare to Enter the Temple 5

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