FHE Tonight: King Benjamin

King Benjamin FHE The beginning chapters of Mosiah have to be some of my very favorite in all The Book of Mormon. To begin this lesson about King Benjamin and his people, you may want to read Mosiah 2:6-8 as a family. Some great discussion topics could be things like “why was it important for the tents to face the temple?” “in what ways do we symbolically face our tents toward the temple, toward our prophet and his teachings?” “what can we compare the tower King Benjamin built to in our day?” (what modern conveniences do we have to make the words of the prophet so easily accessible? General Conference broadcasts, Ensign Magazine, LDS.org, etc.)

After you discuss how this story relates to us in our day, you may want to discuss some of the specific teachings. We have included some of King Benjamin’s teachings in an easy printout. You can cut these into strips and build a tower with them by attaching them to blocks, or simply taping them in a tower-like shape to a wall or piece of paper. You may also choose to focus more on the teachings of our modern-day prophets. Head here for a list of recent General Conference addresses. Or head here to read this month’s First Presidency Message.

King Benjamin FHE5Since the people in this story pitch tents, we thought it would be fun to round up some s’more ingredients, and give your Family Night a camping vibe. Use the graham crackers to demonstrate “pitching a tent.” Simply lean two graham crackers against each other. You could also use the crackers, chocolate and marshmallows to build towers. When you’re done roast away, and enjoy a yummy s’more for treat!

King Benjamin FHE7We love the Book of Mormon! This story is just another example of how it was written for our day. There is so much for us to apply. Use this scripture story to help your family understand the importance of following the prophet.

King Benjamin FHE3


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