FHE Tonight! He Is Risen!

Easter FHE 3Spring time is my favorite. Everything is fresh and new. Isn’t it the perfect season to celebrate our Savior and the resurrection? Through Him everything is made clean and new. Life begins again. For Family Home Evening sometime this month, spend some time talking about the story of Jesus’s death, his sacrifice, and His glorious resurrection. You can find the scriptural account in these New Testament chapters: Matthew 27, 28, Mark 15, 16, John 19, 20. I absolutely love Gordon B. Hinckley’s testimony and summarizing of the Easter story in this talk. It starts about half way through his message. You can read and decide what to share based on your family’s age and needs.

Easter FHE 5With my little ones ages 5, 3, and 1, I found it useful to explain once again what being resurrected means. The spirit is reunited with the body. As we told our children the simple version of the Easter story, we explained that after 3 days in the tomb, Jesus rose again. And because of Him, we will too! We told them this story while we waited for our “Empty Tomb Rolls” to bake in the oven. Click here for the simple recipe. These delectable little treats are a cute representation of Jesus’s resurrection. Before you bake them, they are filled with a large marshmallow. After they bake, the marshmallow “magically” disappears to leave an empty tomb. They are easy to make with the kids, and make the lesson a little more memorable. They are seriously so tasty, too!

Easter FHE

Eternal lifeI am so grateful for this season. I’m grateful for an extra opportunity to ponder on the blessings of a resurrected Lord. Because of Him, all my family will be reunited again someday! We can be with our loved ones who have passed on, and our mortal bodies will take on a perfected state. This is everything! #Hallelujah. Check out the Mormon.org campaign for more Easter goodness. Also, for more great posts on Easter and family from other bloggers, head here.

Easter FHE 2


  1. Tiffani says

    I adore everything you girls post. This is a beautiful FHE lesson for Easter. I am going to make these rolls! Thanks for inspiring me and helping our family grow closer to Christ. Love you three so much.

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