Family Fun Fridays: Cupid Kebabs and More Valentine Fun!

Valentine Friday FunMy husband is out of town on an African, dental-safari adventure. Doesn’t that sound amazing?! One part amazing, and one part (the one where I stay home with our lovely children), a little bit less exotic. But equally adventurous!! While he’s gone, we are partying it up over here and I’m taking a leave of cooking! So for this weekend’s roundup of fun, I thought I’d share this easy *dinner* (it totally passes for that if you are 5 and under) with a Valentine twist!

Cupid Kebabs 2Round up any fruit, veggies, and sandwich fixings you have in your fridge and stick a skewer through it all! Then simply cut your arrow shapes from some paper, and tape on to the ends of your skewers! Arrows for a super simple Valentine’s themed dinner! Or lunch, or snack or what have you.

cupid Kebabs 3Just be sure, if you have little boys, that you set some ground rules for this dinner. (Dinner does not fly across the room, stab your brother, etc).

Also, because I am flying solo this weekend, I’m packing this darling Valentine themed I Spy card by Live Laugh Rowe¬†with me in my church bag on Sunday. Fingers crossed this will buy me a few minutes of quiet, and I know my kids will love it!

Valentine's I SpyMy last pick for your weekend enjoyment is this short read on entitled Happy Families: 5 Tips for a Happier Family in 2016. Take 5 minutes to read, and maybe come up with your own top 5 as a family!

We hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend making memories with your favorite people!

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