Family Fun Friday: Family Spotlight Questions

50 Printable Spotlight QuestionsOne of the things we’ve been focusing on this year is keeping the Sabbath day holy. We have brainstormed, and tried implementing a few different routines and activities to help make Sundays a truly special day. One of our ideas was to spotlight a family member each week. I’ve come up with 50 simple questions you can print, cut, and use to highlight a member of your family, too!

Spotlight QuestionsTo spotlight a family member, you can do anything really. Maybe that person gets to use a special plate at dinner, lead the family in a Sunday-appropriate activity of their choosing, choose what to have for dinner or dessert. In our family we go around the dinner table and share what we love about the spotlight person. Now that I’ve printed these questions, we’ll ask the spotlight person to pick 3 questions out of the jar and answer them. It’s such a simple thing, but if you have little ones, you know how much these little things can mean to them!

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions on the list. Click here to print out allĀ 50 Family Spotlight Questions.

Family Spotlight QsOf course, these questions can be used for anything you want–you don’t have to make this a Sunday activity like we have. And since Easter is right around the corner, why not stick them inside of some plastic eggs. Those plastic eggs come in handy for so many things!
Spotlight Questions 2

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