Welcome to the Apricot Tree! Children at our church sing a little song about “popcorn popping on the apricot tree,” and that was the inspiration for our name! Children are so gifted at finding joy in the little things, and we want to be the same way! Our hope for this blog is that it will be a place for moms, wives, and women to gather and be inspired to enjoy family life! We hope what you read here will remind you how blessed you are, and inspire you to want to be better.  Here you’ll find uplifting messages about motherhood, ideas for teaching your kids, fun activities you can do with them, and other creative and inspiring ideas to make your home a better place. As women, we take so much of what we find on the internet and let it make us feel inadequate, discouraged, and even a little bit distracted from what matters most to us. And while we love pretty images, and aim to make this space pleasing for our readers, above all we hope you’ll leave encouraged and refocused to do the work that’s most important in your life. (And feel more enthusiastic about doing it!)

We are three sisters and best friends. We are moms at different stages in the game. We love the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we love womanhood and motherhood. We also know what a challenge it can be in our day, so let’s help each other make the journey a joyous one. We’re cheering for you, and hope you’ll consider us friends!


                                                                                                                                          Aimee, Leslie & Kaylie

A little more about each one of us . . .


Hi! I’m Aimee. I have two little boys and the cutest baby girl who keep me hopping all day long! I’m still living the student-life dream with my sweet husband who is three years away from becoming an orthodontist. My husband and I met while both serving LDS missions in Chile. As much as people like to tease us about it, we truly didn’t get to know each other or even entertain the idea of dating until we were back at school at Brigham Young University. Having that spiritual experience in common helped us bond and continues to be something fun we share. I have a degree in English and Spanish teaching, and although I’m staying home to raise my babies these days, teaching is still one of my great loves. I also love a good DIY project, decorating my home, putting on parties, and making memories with my kids. Running is what I do just for me. The gospel of Jesus Christ helps keep me centered and focused. It gives me perspective in a confusing world that sends us so many messages about where to find happiness. I have discovered I am happiest when I know I’m doing what God wants me to do.



Hello!! I am Leslie and I am the middle sister!! We just recently moved to Omaha Nebraska where my husband attends Creighton Dental School and we are loving the mid-west life.  I have two crazy little boys, Patrick (age 4) and Henry (18 months). I am married to an Idaho boy and he is the love of my life. I own Leslie Leavitt Photography and it is a huge part of my life. I love my job and all the opportunities that it has given my family and I. Since I started my business I am constantly pushing myself to work hard to reach my goals, both personally and professionally. When I am not cleaning up messes at home and not behind the camera or computer at work, I love to decorate my home. I always have a new project and a new wall to paint!

It is hard to juggle the demands of a mom, wife and business owner. I am constantly finding solace in the Gospel of Christ. I find peace and happiness when I put God before all things and I truly see and feel the blessings that it brings to my little family.



My name is Kaylie and I am the youngest of the three sisters. I am curently living in Rexburg, Idaho. After serving a mission in Chile I came to school at BYU-Idaho where I met my husband, Paul. I have a bachelor’s degree in horticulture. I love to garden and create beautiful things using flowers and plants. I plan on having one sweet garden when we, one day, live in our own house. We have a beautiful little boy, Hudson and he has completely changed my life. I have only been a mom for six months but, they have been some of the best months of my life! Being his mom has allowed me to discover things about myself that I had no idea existed!

I truly believe that there is no more sacred responsibility than being a mother and that the family is so very important for our eternal happiness.