5 Steps to a More Meaningful Christmas


We’ve gotten pretty excited around here for all the Christmas fluff!¬†Cookie decorating, parties, ornaments, crafts galore, and yes, presents. Don’t get me wrong, I love it all. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but not because of all the fluff. Above all, we desire this site to uplift and inspire, reminding moms and families of the things that matter most. And what matters most during this season, and always, is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We’ve rounded up five ideas you and your family can implement in the coming weeks to truly feel the spirit of Christmas–the spirit of kindness, brotherhood, generosity–the spirit of CHRIST.

#1. Do a service project. We love the idea of doing 12 days of Christmas for another family anonymously. Read all the details at One Charming Party.

#2. Display a meaningful quote, print, or a nativity scene where your family can see it daily. We love this one from Let Them Be Gold.

#3. Watch one of the many, many inspiring video clips about Christmas from LDS.org. You could choose a few favorites and watch them for Family Home Evening. Here are some of our favorites: A Savior is Born, Why We Need a Savior, The Reason Behind Christmas.

#4. Gift an inexpensive nativity set, or a print of a manger scene to another family. If you feel comfortable, you can include a card with your testimony of the Savior and/or a copy of the Bible or The Book of Mormon.

#5. Invite a family over to your home to make sugar cookies together, or do any of the above activities together.

The Savior is the reason for the season, and as we show love and serve each other it is as if we are showing our love and serving Him. What will you do to reach out to another this holiday season? How will you and your family make the most of Christmas this year?


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