5-Minute Routine For a More Purposeful Day


Nightly Routine 1

As a mom of young kids it’s easy to sometimes feel like my days are one big blur. Of course all the time spent making meals, reading books, and putting tiny clothes on tiny people is important. But with all┬áthat said, I can tell a huge difference in my day, and how I feel about it come bedtime if I’ve spent 5 minutes the night before preparing. I’m definitely no pro, but I want to do better. Here’s what I recommend, and what I’ll be working on in the coming months!

1. Unplug. Well, I guess it’s actually plug. Plug your phone in for the night with plenty of time before you plan on sleeping, and leave it alone! This is hard for me too, but I sleep so much better when I haven’t been scrolling through my phone in the dark. And a goodnight’s rest is the first step to a successful day of mothering.

2. I’m not a very accomplished journal-writer, but I do have a testimony of GRATITUDE LISTS. This takes such little time and pays off big. Write 5 things you’re grateful for, and I also like to write 5 successes from that day. It helps me end the day on a good note. Even when the day might otherwise feel boring or ordinary, when I write things like “We went to the library” and “I played soccer with the boys” I realize, “Hey, this was a pretty great day.” And, “Hey, I’m doing alright!”

3. Use some kind of planner to write down a to-do list. This sounds really obvious, but besides set appointments and commitments, write down some of the other things you hope to accomplish. Write down what your workout will be, what you want to study from the scriptures that day, maybe a chore you want to do. My favorite thing is to write down something I want to focus on with each of my kids. Maybe it’s read a book to one, remember tummy time, say yes to playtime with my oldest.

4. Lastly, say a prayer. Is there any better way to end the day than reporting to the Lord? Include in your prayer a little account of the day’s events. And the next morning, go over your plans you made the night before. I learned this on my mission from Preach My Gospel, and it really makes a difference!

Nightly Rountine 2

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